What Educators Are Saying

An example of Science-Literature integration ‘done right’

"Since 2010, our school district has done a lot of work to bring selected Picture-Perfect Science lessons to our elementary schools. The series became a foundation for the district-wide K-5 STEM curriculum building project. This initiative gave an opportunity for students in 54 schools to integrate science, engineering, and literacy in a rigorous and meaningful way. The schools appreciated the flexibility of the units: the focus on literacy integration allowed teachers to deliver the science lessons during literacy blocks and work on literacy skills during designated science time....Picture-Perfect lessons are an example of Science-Literature integration ‘done right’. "

— Katya Denisova, PhD, Project Director, SABES (STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools) at Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore, MD

Feedback from teachers overwhelmingly positive

"The Picture-Perfect Science series has helped us cultivate learning opportunities that are rigorous and relevant while equipping our students with strong core knowledge and an ability to think and collaborate at higher levels of cognition. The feedback from teachers upon utilizing the series for the first time has been overwhelmingly positive."

— Sally Creel, EdD, Professional Learning Supervisor, Cobb County Schools, Marietta, GA

Well-thought out lesson design

"I intentionally chose Picture-Perfect Science as a resource for my grant participants because of its use of the 5E Model of Instruction, connection to thinking strategies, and alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards. My teachers (and I) have embraced it because of the well-thought out lesson design, picture book choices, and ease of gathering materials to deliver an authentic science lesson while addressing students' literacy needs."

— Brian Womack, Instructional Specialist/Grant Coordinator, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, Bowling Green, KY

Professional development at its very best!

"I would recommend Picture-Perfect Science workshops to anyone who wants to improve their science instruction and enjoy themselves in the process.  It is professional development at its very best!"

— Anna Flaig, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lakota Local Schools, Liberty Township, OH

Students are actively engaged

"Picture-Perfect Science has reenergized my science curriculum. The lessons are well organized and easy to implement. Students are excited and actively engaged throughout the entire lesson. Picture-Perfect has awakened my students' curiosity and love for science!"

— Ryan Bohannon, Kindergarten Teacher, Blue Springs School District, Blue Springs, MO

Our science lessons came alive

"Prior to being exposed to Picture-Perfect Science lessons, I did not enjoy teaching science, nor did I have confidence in my ability to instill a love of science in my students. Once I implemented PPS in my classroom, our science lessons came alive. My students and I were loving the books and hands-on lessons. My confidence in leading the students in the right direction soared because the lessons were spelled out for me and ready to go! Science has gone from my least favorite subject to teach to my favorite!"

— Amy Kimsey, 3rd Grade Teacher, Round Rock ISD, Round Rock, TX

Now I remember why I love science so much!

"Picture-Perfect Science Workshops have rejuvenated my teaching career. Now I remember why I love science so much!"

— Anessa Dorris, 5th Grade Teacher, Princeton City Schools, Cincinnati, OH

Best science curriculum ever!

"This is absolutely the best science curriculum I have EVER experienced. Float Your Boat was awesome, but the Owl Pellet lesson is off the charts insanely awesome!!! We started on the owl pellets today, and I have never had such excitement in my classroom as I did today, as students discovered bones, skulls, etc. This curriculum is definitely a keeper. Thank you for offering it to us."

— Debbie Kautz, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lincoln County School District, Newport, OR (online learning participant)