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Stuck On Science 

Check out this website for some videos of Picture-Perfect Science in action! The site also contains some other great lessons and ideas for making elementary science come alive.


NSTA's resource for understanding and implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.

The Nonfiction Minute

A great resource for teachers looking for high-quality, high-interest nonfiction content for their classrooms. More than two dozen award-winning children's nonfiction authors have contributed.

Be an Engineer

Be An Engineer, supported by Exxon Mobil, is dedicated to inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM by building a greater understanding of the engineering field and the opportunities it offers. 

Sample Lesson - Robots Everywhere

After sharing what they know about different types of robots, students model how robots are programmed to perform tasks. They learn that every robot is designed for a specific job, and that job determines what a robot looks like. They also make a labeled drawing of a robot that could complete a particular task in their own home or at school, and they compare it with another technology designed to solve the same problem. (This link also includes the first 5 informational chapters of Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, Grades K-2.)

Sample Lesson - Roller Coaster 

Learners explore ways to change the speed and direction of a rolling object by building roller coasters out of pipe insulation. By conducting dropping races with everyday items, they discover that all objects, regardless of their mass, fall to the ground at the same rate (in the absence of air resistance).

Sample Lesson - Mirror, Mirror 

Using flashlights, mirrors, and spoons, learners explore how light travels. They investigate how light is reflected differently by curved and rough surfaces and why mirrors are the best surfaces for seeing themselves.

Recommended Picture Books for Indianapolis Children's Museum

A list of books for engaging students in the new exhibits at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

 Beyond Spaceship Earth Anticipation Guide

A pre-visit anticipation guide to get your students excited and curious.